thread wrap bass guitar string choker in all chakra colors

thread wrap bass guitar string choker in all chakra colors

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handmade thread wrapped bass guitar string choker necklace. available in any chakra color.

red vibrates with the root chakra, connecting to safety and the earth element. this chakra oversees the body, our sense of grounding & foundation, trust, home, & stability.

orange vibrates with the sacral chakra, reflecting our creativity, sexuality, and emotions. the sacral chakra houses our movement, sensation, & desires and corresponds to the water element.

yellow corresponds to the solar plexus chakra, relating to will power and intellect. connected to the fire element, the solar plexus chakra relates to transformation, activity, agency, and responsibility.

green vibrates with the heart chakra, to love and compassion. the heart chakra corresponds to the air element and governs our relationships, sense of balance, & self-love.

light blue vibrates with the throat chakra and is host to creativity, expression, and communication. the throat chakra relates to the element of sound and houses all concepts of the voice.

indigo resonates with the third eye chakra, with the light element. the third eye chakra is where we store our intuition, inner strength & wisdom. perception, memory, & dreams are all connected to the third eye chakra.

violet vibrates with the crown chakra, home to universal spirituality and consciousness. relating to the element of thought, the crown chakra is where our beliefs & self-knowledge reside.

white vibrates with the aura chakra, which is the overall vibration before it passes through the color divisions of the other chakras, much like white like passing through a prism to create a rainbow. because of this, it vibrates with your soul, your life's purpose, your higher self, and your overall chi & energetics.

explore the hues further with our color guide. 

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