geometric bass guitar string necklace

geometric bass guitar string necklace

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the wood collection features unfinished beechwood beads in two distinct necklace styles.

wood 2 is geometric, with two beechwood beads & right angled bass guitar string lines. this style hangs close to your collarbone & works well with high or low necklines. 

in traditional chinese medicine, the wood element is decisive, calm, strong yet flexible, generous, confident & motivated. when wood is deficient, all of these benefits decrease. you might feel a lack of control or you might feel stuck & unable to plan for the things that your heart most yearns to do. when wood is in excess, these traits are pushed to the opposite extreme. you might feel a need to control everything, resent your own overly generous giving, & become inflexible.

the wood collection helps reconnect & rebalance the wood element by carrying a bit of it close to your heart. like a tree, wood is grounding & wants to give & to grow.

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