custom orders

q: do you make custom work? if so, how can I order my dream pieces?

yes!! whether it's instrument string jewelry with your birthstone, a set of bangles for your bridesmaids, a chapbook of your dreams, lyrics, or poems, or performance adornment for your record release, we love working with you to create your dream pieces. contact tsii to share your ideas & we'll get started!

merch kits

q: where do you get the strings that you use to make the instrument-string jewelry?

from you and your band! tsii incorporates your used strings into your collection of bangles, earrings, & necklaces. your fans will be thrilled to buy & wear these pieces because they are custom-made with the strings that you used to write, perform, & record the music that they love. when you are ready to order your merch kit, gather up your strings & contact tsii to send 'em on over.

Q: how quickly can we get our merch kit?

small quantities of jewelry-only kits can be ready to ship within one to two weeks of string arrival. for any kit with a lyric&liner notebook, please allow at least three weeks before your tour or event. processing time will vary — contact tsii to discuss options. 

q: can we reorder or modify an existing merch kit?

yes, you can always reorder kits — complete or a la carte! refills can usually be completed slightly faster than the original order. also, keep in mind that you can make any tweaks and variations at this point, after you’ve been able to see the kit in action.

due to the organic nature of the tsii process, reorders may have slight variations from initial orders.  

q: how are tsii merch kits priced?

we offer merch kits at wholesale prices, including a $15 custom service design fee. then you can sell the pieces at retail price, keeping the profit for your band. contact tsii to get a quote for your kit today!                                                  

q: tell me more about block cloth shirts. 

our unisex block cloth shirts are handmade from repurposed factory remnant fabric and are front to back reversible.  share your vision with tsii and we’ll make your unique band shirts happen. allow 4-6 weeks for block cloth shirts.

q: what's the difference between merch kits and whose strings?

with merch kits, you buy your custom kit outright at wholesale price, and then sell it on your merch table for retail price, giving you 50% of the total income. merch kits can include any combination of tsiimade goods — jewelry, lyric&liner notebooks, block cloth shirts, and wall hangings. 

whose strings is a cross-pollinating platform for active musicians. we love to feature the music & thoughts of musicians whose strings we are using to create one-of-a-kind custom collections. these collections are sold exclusively in the tsii shop, and 10% of each whose strings purchase goes toward music education charities.