new york: travel diary


this past month i had the opportunity to travel to new york for the williamsburg, brooklyn artists & fleas market. i lived in new york for two years after high school, so it was nice revisiting some old stomping grounds along with checking out new sights & experiences.

one of the amazing things about new york is that you can always discover something new, no matter how many times you’ve been to the same areas. my friend elena & I stumbled upon the charming elizabeth street garden while walking around the city. the elizabeth street garden is a lovely place in lower manhattan to enjoy sculptures & nature while catching your breath. (click on this link to help save the garden as a public community green space!)


another incredible experience was walking across the brooklyn bridge to the one world trade center. when i lived in new york, the one world, also known as the freedom tower, was still under construction. elena & i were able to visit the one world observatory and see breath-taking, 360-degree views of the city & surrounding burroughs. we witnessed the amazing transition from day to night, with the city lighting up bit by bit as the sky grew dark. btw., the freedom tower is the tallest building in the western hemisphere!


the artists & fleas market that I popped-up at is in williamsburg, brooklyn. williamsburg is full of incredible food & shops and has one of the best sandy-beach views of manhattan. it was so nice, after the market closed each evening, to be able to walk just one block to the waterfront.


i also had the chance to check out some classic nyc spots. after a visit to the frick museum, an amazing private art collection featuring works by vermeer, turner, monet, & other great masters, we stopped into central park to enjoy the scenery & a glass of wine by the pond.

next we took the train to grand central station. i have always loved the majesty of this underground hub (especially the ceiling!), and we had a lot of fun eating oysters at the timeless grand central station oyster bar.

I hope to be back in new york soon!


thanks for exploring

new york with me!