roya collection lookbook

the roya collection features the guitar strings of roya ziba


lapis lazuli earrings


persian turquoise earrings

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lapis lazuli bangles


lapis lazuli necklace


about the stones

lapis lazuli is a stone of wisdom, truth, & power. vibrating with the throat & third eye chakras, it encourages honesty, deep communication, good judgement, & harmony. it is a stone of creativity, imagination, inner strength, & friendship, offering protection & peace to its wearer. its element in feng shui is water. 

turquoise is a healing stone of compassion, peace, & truth. an aid for communication, turquoise encourages forgiveness of self & others through acceptance & kindness. resonating primarily with the throat & third eye chakras, it helps you find & stay on your higher path. its element in feng shui is water. 

lapis lazuli & turquoise have similar properties. both engage the purity of the water & air elements and help you connect to your truth, creativity, & inner power for personal growth & wellness.  

thanks for reading! you can shop the roya collection below. stay tuned for a conversation with roya, coming soon. 



photos & modeling by elena stanton & sarah dovolos