greta collection lookbook

the greta collection features the guitar strings of singer/songwriter greta ruth


purple fluorite earrings


green tourmaline choker


green fluorite earrings


about the stones

green tourmaline is a stone of joy, self-compassion, patience, & love, vibrating with the heart chakra. promoting creativity, expression, & revitalization, it calms by transforming negative energy into positive energy. green tourmaline brings vitality, wholeness, & adventure. its element in feng shui is wood. 

fluorite is a grounding & harmonizing stone that heightens intuition & connection to spirit. it is a calming stone that helps with organization, structure, & decluttering of things, toxic people, behavior, & patterns. 

green - resonates with heart chakra for healing, self-love, & creativity.

purple - resonates with the crown chakra for positivity, learning, memory, & emotional balance. 


thanks for reading! the greta collection is available below. stay tuned for an interview with greta, coming soon. :)



photos by sarah dovolos

modeling by elena stanton