third chakra: solar power

in this post, we will be looking at the solar plexus chakra, located between your navel & solar plexus.


the 7-chakra system works both upward & downward. the upper chakras build on the lower chakras & send energy back down. the third stop, after the sacral chakra, is the solar plexus chakra. balancing your third chakra is essential for balance in all other chakras. 

solar plexus means power, purpose, action, intellect, & confidence.

now that you are balancing your needs (first chakra) & desires (second chakra), the third chakra asks you to look at your action in the world. your personality, your acting-self known as the ego, and your identity come to the forefront as you take on tasks & challenges, make decisions & try new things. your self-esteem, sense of personal power, & self-control reflect the health of your third chakra. there are lots of things that affect this chakra & your connection to your personal power.

some clues of imbalance in the solar plexus chakra are: 

  • feeling out of touch with goals & purpose

  • low self-esteem & anxiety

  • need to be controlling or manipulative

  • feeling stuck, passive, inactive

  • feeling ignored or unacknowledged

  • feeling weak, fatigued, or powerless

the solar plexus chakra is all about will power, decisive action, & manifestation. balancing your third chakra means getting outside of your comfort zone to grow your natural confidence. 

how do you activate & balance the solar plexus chakra?

  1. spend time in the sun. the sun is nature's solar plexus chakra healer. moderate amounts of daily sun exposure help you get better sleep & strengthens your immune system, providing you with the health & energy your will power needs for its foundation. sun exposure also improves your mood & promotes weight loss, two benefits that are sure to boost confidence levels, too.

  2. practice good posture. there is a lot of truth to fake-it-till-you-make-it when it comes to posture & body language. practice good posture by standing tall, & use open confident body language with others. this might be scary to explore when you're feeling shy or anxious, but your mind will follow your body, I promise!

  3. try something new. any new experience, change in your daily routine, or fresh exploration can help you break out of that stuck feeling and reconnect to your purpose & identity. this could be as simple as walking through a new neighborhood, having lunch at a new restaurant, or starting a conversation with a new coworker. the more you open yourself to new challenges & experiences, the more your confidence & decisiveness will grow!

  4. practice being proactive. and start with the little things. that to-do list piled on your kitchen table? take care of a few items today. something in your house breaks? resolve it right now! know you're going to need time off in a few months? request it this week! the more you practice being proactive rather than reactive or passive, the easier it will get in high stakes situations.

  5. laugh & smile more. just like good posture & friendly, strong body language, opening yourself up to humor through laughter & smiles can launch you into new levels of self-confidence. connect to others through humor & learn to laugh at your mistakes! you'll be stronger for it.

  6. set goals that take risks, but that you can accomplish. start a goal journal so that you can visualize what you want to accomplish a year from now, or five or even ten years from now. then break that down into smaller and smaller goals until you know a few things you can work on today or this week to get to where you're going. this will connect you with your larger purpose, but on a day-to-day, real level.

  7. go for the (yellow) gold. yellow is the energetic color of the solar plexus chakra. add yellow clothes & golden gem stones to your wardrobe, eat yellow foods, & decorate your space with yellow objects to bring in those third chakra vibrations.


thanks for reading & go get 'em!