second chakra: sacred sacral

in this post,  we will be looking at the sacral chakra, located in the pelvic area. 

photo by  elena stanton

photo by elena stanton

the 7-chakra system works both upward & downward. the upper chakras build on the lower chakras & send energy back down. the second stop, after the root chakra, is the sacral chakra. balancing your second chakra is essential for balance in all other chakras. 

sacral means sacred, creative, & sensual, home to emotion & connection.

after the basic needs of your root chakra are met, you are free to move on to the more sophisticated pursuit of pleasure & connection. through sense-based experience of the world around you, you can connect with your own emotions & feelings, as well as with people outside of your immediate family. you explore new types of relationships & new feelings, and with this passion you spark your natural creativity.

there are a few things that can go wrong in this beautiful process, leaving your sacral chakra too closed or too open. 

some clues of imbalance in the sacral chakra are: 

  • sense of numbness, or being overly emotional

  • addiction, dependency, or codependency

  • out of touch with healthy sexuality & desire

  • out of touch with creativity & play

  • negative emotions like anger, envy, & insecurity

the sacral chakra is all about creativity, pleasure, & play so the things that balance it are explorative, emotional, & sensual. 

how do you open & balance the sacral chakra?

  1. do what makes you happy. there's no better way to tap into your pleasure than to make time for people & activities that you love.

  2. play & be in the moment. enjoy life's simple pleasures & opportunities for authentic connection with others, like a child exploring the world anew each day.

  3. spend time in water. swim in a lake, relax in a pool, or take a luxurious bath. water is the element of the second chakra & helps you to connect with your natural ebb & flow of emotions.

  4. make art. drawing, painting, music, cooking, or dancing, any & all artistic expression helps you connect to your passion & creativity.

  5. explore your feelings. start a journal or take a few moments each day to tune into your sensations & feelings. listen to what they're telling you & then process & act as necessary. don't keep anything bottled up!

  6. practice sacred intimacy. sexuality is more than a basic need: it is a sacred connection. honor your body, discover its pleasure, and build real trust with those you are intimate with.

  7. wear orange. orange is the color of the sacral chakra & helps you connect to your emotions & creativity. adding orange accessories & decor to your life is a great way to nurture your second chakra.


thanks for reading & stay playful!