seventh chakra: crowning connections

in this post, we will be looking at the crown chakra, located at the top of your head.

photo by  elena stanton .

photo by elena stanton.

the 7-chakra system works both upward & downward. the upper chakras build on the lower chakras & send energy back down. the last stop along the spine, after the third eye chakra, is the crown chakra. balancing your seventh chakra is essential for balance in all other chakras. 

crown means transcendence, interconnection, devotion, faith & illumination.

with your needs (first chakra) & desires (second chakra) balanced, your sense of self in the world (third chakra) established, your connection to self & others cultivated (fourth chakra), your own self-expression realized (throat chakra), and your intuition & spirituality activated (third eye chakra), you can begin to transcend into higher levels of understanding and meaning. you are able to see that everything is connected, that opposites are intertwined, and that you are a part of the infinite. this seventh-chakra consciousness brings peace, joy, meaning & inspiration into your life.

some signs of heart chakra imbalance include: 

  • apathy, lack of spirituality

  • disconnect between mind & body

  • obsession with spirituality & enlightenment

  • selfishness

  • out of touch with meaning

  • lack of joy & inspiration

the crown chakra is all about connecting the dots between mind & body, life & death, dark & light, so balancing your seventh chakra means opening your awareness to the bigger picture.

how do you open & connect from the crown chakra?

photo by  elena stanton.
  1. make time for silence. silence is something that is very rare in our chaotic modern world, but it is crucial for the crown chakra. take some time now and then to completely unplug and experience quiet. as hard as it can be to avoid distractions, this is an incredibly grounding practice to cultivate and it will help you tune into the interconnectedness of life.

  2. seek inspiration. get out there & get inspired! check out a new museum or concert, create art with friends, or go for a walk in nature to reinvigorate your creativity & renew your well of inspiration.

  3. cultivate spiritual practices. meditation, prayer, readings and divination are all great ways to connect to your spirit on a daily basis. but devotion can also come in simpler forms, like caring for a loved one or committing yourself to your art. whatever spirituality looks like for you, sprinkle it throughout your daily life.

  4. serve others. serving others is a great way to connect to something bigger than yourself, and to remind yourself that everyone and everything is interconnected. volunteering at a local charity, lending a helping hand to a neighbor or friend, or fostering an animal are a few great ways to offer your time & skills to others.

  5. don’t forget the physical. the crown chakra asks you to connect to your higher-consciousness, but don’t lose track of your body in the mean time! stay grounded in the here & now by practicing awareness of the physical. this will unite your mind & body so that even things like doing the dishes or shoveling the driveway will be imbued with spirit, too.

  6. wear white & purple. white & purple are the two main colors of the crown chakra. you can add them to your wardrobe, your home decor, & your adornment with hues & stones that vibrate with this universally-tuned chakra. some of my favorite crown chakra stones are amethyst, purple fluorite, & apophyllite.


thanks for reading & sharing your light!