metal collection: guitar & bass string bangles



in traditional chinese medicine, metal is the element of the lungs where it oversees breath & boundaries. metal is a powerful element for transformation, giving you the opportunity to turn loss & grief into growth & beauty. 

when your metal element is in balance, you are calm & centered in your integrity. logic, order, & structure come naturally. you are strong, determined, and decisive. an appreciation for beauty, minimalism, & wisdom are all part of a balanced metal element. 

and perhaps most importantly, balanced metal knows how to let go of what is no longer necessary. 


if your metal is too strong, you might take metal's structure too far into rigidity & perfectionism, and lose the ability to let go. 

if your metal element is too weak, your boundaries will disappear, along with your energy, personal power, & connection to inner wisdom.

how can you balance your metal element?

feng shui recommends balancing your metal element with its corresponding shapes & colors. the shape for metal is a circle, and its colors are white, gray, & metallics. 

wearing jewelry balances your metal element. especially when that jewelry is in the shape of a circle & made out of metal! 

our classic guitar string & bass guitar string bangles celebrate the minimalism of the metal element, providing you with an opportunity to tune into your center. 

note: for your home, the metal element corresponds with the children & creativity and travel & helpful people guas. visit our feng shui guide to learn more about feng shui cures for your space.


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photos by elena stanton.