summertime blues: water & wood earrings

i am excited to introduce new additions to both the water and the wood collections this june. these two new earring styles add a new way to invigorate your throat & third eye chakras with kyanite & indigo blues. featuring guitar strings, sterling silver findings, and deep blue hues, you're sure to find a cure to your summertime blues. 

visit our hue color guide to learn more about blue & indigo in feng shui, the chakras, & color psychology. 

new to the water collection: teardrop kyanite earrings

water is fluid & centered, gathering strength from stillness. the water collection features water element stones to help you balance your water.

these water collection earrings feature guitar strings, sterling silver findings, & raw kyanite from mexico.

kyanite, like crystal quartz, never needs to be cleared. it is calming and keeps you centered for balance, openness, and expression. kyanite is great for connection & communication. it is a grounding stone, and helps to align all of the chakras. kyanite vibrates with the throat chakra. its element in feng shui is water.

crystals, in their raw organic beauty, will vary.

new to the wood collection: shibori macrame earrings

the wood 1 earrings feature unfinished beechwood beads with 100% cotton macrame framed by guitar string circles with sterling silver lever backs. we hand-dyed the cotton with natural indigo in an hombre effect.

in traditional chinese medicine, the wood element is decisive, calm, strong yet flexible, generous, confident & motivated. when wood is deficient, all of these benefits decrease. you might feel a lack of control or you might feel stuck & unable to plan for the things that your heart most yearns to do. when wood is in excess, these traits are pushed to the opposite extreme. you might feel a need to control everything, resent your own overly generous giving, & become inflexible.

the wood collection helps reconnect & rebalance the wood element by carrying a bit of it close to your heart. like a tree, wood is grounding & wants to give & to grow.

indigo resonates with the third eye chakra, with the light element. the third eye chakra is where we store our intuition, inner strength & wisdom. perception, memory, & dreams are all connected to the third eye chakra.

stay cool out there!