los angeles: travel diary

here are some highlights from my recent month-long visit to southern california.


halloween markets

I popped-up at a couple halloween themed events & markets in los angeles. it was fun getting into the spirit of the thin-veil season with pumpkins, cobwebs, & costumes.


ocean views

although I wasn’t staying near the ocean, it was amazing to be able to make a day trip to see the pacific. just being near the sea air and the sound of the waves is so restorative, and I love exploring the natural beauty of the coast.


peacocks & pink trees

i did a jewelry photoshoot at the los angeles county arboretum and botanic garden with some friends. we enjoyed the beautiful pink trees & surprise visits from the local peacocks.


live music

los angeles has so many amazing performances every day. i got to catch a few of them, including a balinese gamelan performance and a set by pianist tigran hamasyan.


thanks for reading & exploring los angeles with me!