juliette in black lava & black tourmaline

juliette is a writer & visual artist from southern california. here juliette is wearing our black lava guitar string bangles, black lava & tourmaline guitar string earrings, black tourmaline guitar string earrings, & black tourmaline helix infinity loop guitar string choker. we asked juliette a few questions about her own work & inspirations.

What inspires you?

Nature, old Hollywood/midnight movies, magic, philosophy, Americana.

Where is your favorite place to make art?

sitting outside in my backyard or in my bedroom.

What is your main medium & what do you love about it?

These days my main medium is poetry and writing. I love it because you can create worlds/feelings and imagine the impossible through language.

dsc_8835 copy.jpg

What are you listening to right now?

"Moonchild" by King Crimson, oldies/jazz standards from the 1920s, The Beach Boys, and "The Killing Moon" by Nouvelle Vague.


What projects are you working on right now?

I'm starting to formulate a series of short stories interconnected by similar themes. Some of the project's influences are true crime, Baudrillard's "hyperreality," the paranormal, 70s/80s horror movies, Stephen King novels and feelings of loneliness/solitude/isolation.


about the stones

black lava is a stone of guidance, understanding, purpose, & inner strength. created out of the destructive chaos of volcanoes, it helps you to thrive and to follow your dreams. resonating with the root chakra, black lava offers stability & calm in times of change. 

black tourmaline is grounding & supportive. it protects by turning negative energy into positive energy. this dark stone unearths your power & self-confidence, empowering you through difficulties. 

thanks for reading!



special thanks to ~

julia lofstrand - photographer

jordan terrell, juliette sandoval, & scarlett perry - models