adornment energetics | silvia collection

how do your clothes make you feel?

this is a question that might occur often to actors like amelia kennedy, for whom getting into costume is a huge part of getting into character. so what does that mean for us in our daily lives? how can we use adornment to become the characters that we want to be in our own stories? like anything else, this process begins with awareness. take note of how you feel in different outfits, at different levels of comfort or formality, playfulness or simplicity. once you become conscious of your own different energetic reactions to what you wear, you can begin to dress in a way that makes you feel amazing. 

wearing different clothes can change everything about how you experience your day. when we are young, we might like to wear our favorite tee shirt and flexible, comfy pants to run and play in every single day. when we wear restricting materials, we feel less free. and when we wear something we love, we feel full of joy. makes sense, right? 

we practice changing characters all the time. we dress differently depending on where we are going: out with friends to a concert, to the office, to the gym, to the beach. we might change our hair or put on makeup, put on more or less jewelry. all of this shifting of garments also shifts the vibration of our being, pulling us into different directions & toward different possibilities. "dress for the job you want to have," the common saying, is true beyond its surface meaning. 

so what "job" do you want to have? what character do you want to be playing in your life? do your clothes & adornments bring you toward this person? do you feel free to play with clothes to learn more about who that person might be? 


sometimes you may need to take a break from a color, to explore new vibrations. I recently took 3 or 4 years off of the color black, focusing on other neutrals and more vibrant colors. this "cleanse" was incredible, but now I am exploring and experiencing black-colored clothes in a whole new way, which is amazing, too. colors play a huge role in the energetics of an outfit. for more on color vibrations, visit our hue color guide post


the materials that your clothes & accessories are made out of, and the ways that they were made, and all of the paths that they took to get to you, linger & resonate in your outfit as well. for the highest vibrating wares, be sure to shop ethical & sustainable brands whenever you can. handmade items and quality materials heighten your ability to shine. for more on revolutionizing your wardrobe, check out this post on sustainable fashion

the silvia collection, worn here by actor & writer amelia kennedy, features the violin strings of improviser & composer silvia tarozzi. the energy in these strings is so resonant, carrying the heart & soul that silvia puts into her music practices. in honor of my own recent reintroduction to the color black, the collection now features a double strand choker with black tourmaline, in addition to the amazonite and red coral of the previous series. for a look at red coral and amazonite in the first silvia collection series, check out this lookbook.

by the time amelia and I got to the third look of this shoot, of her in her gray romper & the amazonite necklace, we had exactly the same thought at exactly the same time. she felt completely different in each necklace & outfit, and so she looked completely different in each, as well. we hadn't changed anything but the outfit: same location, same hair, same makeup. yet everything felt completely different. 

with this collection, and every collection at tsii, I want to encourage you to explore the way that adornment can make you feel. that is what excites me about creating these pieces for others to wear throughout their days: the fact that you get to find and express the person that you most desire to be. it is such an honor to be a part of your lives in that way. 


thanks for reading!