the art of gifting || giving from the heart

giving great gifts is an art. managing to find the perfect gift under the time pressure of an upcoming special occasion can feel daunting, but it's also an exciting & enriching moment where we get to find tactile ways of giving someone a glimpse into how much they mean to us. 

I am a huge gift giver & believe in giving gifts, with or without occasion. I wanted to share a few of the things that I find helpful to consider when searching for that perfect, soulful gift for somebody special. 

tip#1: reuse & recycle

I feel great about a gift if I know it's a part of something bigger. not only is repurposing & recycling things for gifts great for the environment (& your pocket!), it's super fun & gives you a chance to be crafty.

stay tuned for some great & easy at-home repurposed gift ideas, coming soon!

tip #2: sentiment & practicality

to me, giving gifts is a balance between sentimentality & practicality. great gifts remind the receiver of something positive — beautiful shared memories, inside jokes, the things that you love about one another. but gifts should also be practical. they should have a use or purpose so that your loved one won't feel that stuff-burden during next year's spring cleaning. 

try giving something that will help with the person's passion or hobby (baking, photography, gardening), something that they can use for pampering & at-home self-care, or something the two of you can do together. 

tip #3: shop small, local, & handmade

where you get your gift can make a big difference. gifts will feel more loving & special if you get them somewhere loving & special (it's that simple!). try looking for your gift at an art studio or a local boutique. if you can find something one of a kind & handmade for your person, they will feel the care that went into both its making & its gifting. I am a huge fan of ceramics for the rich, grounding earthiness of hand thrown forms & for the usefulness of lovely bowls, cups, & pots. 

tip #4: energy & intuition

believe it or not, hunting for the perfect gift is a great way to cultivate your intuition. the right gift will speak to you, it will simply feel right. pay attention to how you feel when you're holding & considering each option & you will get pointed in the right direction. as you practice this, the pointers will get louder & louder until it is easy to tell whether something is the perfect gift or not. this is easier done in person at brick & mortar shops, but you can use visualization when online shopping is your only option. 

tip #5: the card - writing from the heart

the card will seal the deal with your perfect gift. a great card can be on anything — the inside of a book or journal, the back of a photo, on a handmade recycled paper card. I also love to get cards at thrift shops or estate sales. but what matters most is that you write from your heart. take a moment to meditate on the person & your love for them before you start writing, and then just write! if you clear your mind & make the gift receiver your focus for a few moments, the words will flow as they should, right from your heart. 

tip #6: wrapping & presentation

wrapping is half the fun! I love to use recycled papers for wrapping. this can be pretty much anything — paper bags, newspapers, magazines, old sketchbooks, you name it. get creative with what shows & what doesn't — try tying part of the gift on the outside, or adding a flowering sprig or a shell. I love a simple & organic presentation that looks pleasing & begs to be opened. for these, I grabbed a few things from the garden, including some mint for aromatherapy!

tip #7: better late than never (don't rush!)

you might not find the perfect gift right away. but don't settle! it's better to keep your eyes & heart open for the right gift than to give something that won't mean much to either of you. if the special date has arrived & you don't have your gift yet, give a sweet note & get them that great gift when it pops up. having said that, if you have an open & patient mindset, the right thing will more than likely pop up — just in time. 

thanks for reading & happy gifting!