vintage thrifting for the home | thoughts + tips

tip # 1: visualize & be open

thrifting is a lot like treasure hunting. while it is good to know what you are looking for when you set out, it is equally important to be open to discovering whatever you may discover. I typically head to my favorite thrift spots both with a specific hope & prayer, and with an open invitation to wonder & things that might be seeking a new home. this combination helps me to find the things that I need as well as the things that inspire me. 

today I went to the thrift store with two things in mind: re-equiping my kitchen after my roommate moved out, & browsing for vintage books. 

tip # 2: colors & numbers

one of the things that I love most about vintage kitchenware is the colors. I am a fan of bright, bold & saturated colors like you see on this painted metal strainer & these buttercup plates from japan. I'm using the strainer as a fruit bowl & the plates as... plates! the plates came in a set of seven, which is a traditionally spiritual number. although you might not think to buy dishes in sets of seven while shopping at a regular store, it's a fun number to find at a thrift shop, where you're lucky to find a set at all!

be open to odd sets & to bringing more color into your home. you can also shop with specific colors in mind in order to balance chakras or cultivate the flow of chi in your space. 

tip #3: work with what's there

I was also looking for vintage books today. I have been reading & collecting them for years. I am a huge fan of vintage book covers & while I've already read a clockwork orange & the fall, I couldn't resist these great copies. I like to snag things I love when I see them because they can always make great gifts in the future. 

tip #4: don't overdo it

having said that, don't overdo it! you probably don't need repeats of things that you already have, or books that you're interested in but that are in printings that don't inspire you. don't be afraid to move on, keep your cart light, & stick to the things that really grab you. there were other vintage books I could have bought today but I stuck with these two.

tip #5: listen to signs & signals

this lovely deer painting caught my eye right away. I always love finding original artwork at thrift stores — my rescue-instinct kicks in & I can't wait to bring them home & see the new vibrance they can bring to a space. this painting in particular has such positive energy. having just seen a beautiful, noble doe up close on a hike yesterday & realizing how much I identify with these calm creatures, this find felt so right. feng shui teaches that, in order to support communication & connection, paintings depicting figures should include more than one. the fact that the number five is lucky for me also clicked with this painting. 

tip #6 : clear those vibes

remember that while your new pieces bring inspiration & brightness, they might also carry some lower vibrations from their past lives. grab some sage or palo santo & clear them as you place them with love in your space. 

thanks for reading & happy thrifting!