shibori || process & blue

transformation through self-work and process are key seasonal lessons as we transition from winter into spring. today I had the chance to try out a transformational technique I've been curious about for a while: shibori. shibori is an ancient manual dyeing technique from japan, where you manipulate fabrics with twists and folds, bind them with string and then dye them with natural dyes. for my shibori experiment, I used the kanoko method and natural indigo dye. indigo is a color of sincerity, wisdom, ritual, and comfort. 

kanoko is a popular method of shibori and is a lot like tie dyeing. one of the most fun things about the shibori process is the element of surprise. each time I bound, dipped, and unrolled a piece I had no idea how the dye would take, or how it might interact with a particular fabric. shibori experts have a better sense of this, and often pair their binding technique with their knowledge of fabric temperaments. I gathered some of this knowledge today, but I also enjoyed not know what to expect with each piece. 

the results were great! initially, I gathered my shibori supplies to dye some cotton string hombre with indigo for a special collection of jewelry and I dyed the other pieces for fun, but the project was so fulfilling I'm sure that this process will show up in other tsii cloth and jewelry designs in the future. 


there is nothing quite like witnessing such pure transformation. check out the end result in our new wood collection, featuring these shibori threads in macrame pendants.