hello, 2018!

hello, 2018!

there's nothing quite like the turn of the calendar year to get us thinking about where we want to focus our time & energy, and the changes that we can make to help create a world of higher vibration for ourselves & others. new year's is one of my favorite holidays; I find my spirit naturally eager to ring & rinse the old in order to draw in the fresh, blank palate of the new year. just like the passing of days & seasons, the passing of another year moves through our bodies in its own circadian rhythm. 

in honor of this, I wanted to share some of my new year's resolutions for 2018, for tsii & beyond, and offer some thoughts on following through with what you & yourself agree to nurture or accomplish with your new year. 

spend time fully alive inside your body exploring movement through yoga practice, exercise, dance & song. 

movement is such an essential part of our human existence. take time to deepen your physical awareness & connection to your body through both playful & focused movement. the physical, emotional, & spiritual benefits of movement practices are infinite. 

song & the voice are also body expression and movement. the voice is spirit embodied. when we focus on nurturing the voice we often see therapeutic results in everything else. I like to do my vocal warm ups right after my yoga practice, to make sure I am relaxed & connected to my breath when I start to vocalize. 

listen to your intuition & follow your heart. reconnect to your own forms of prayer & make space for stillness.

our intuition, our gut, is our wisest friend. the linking of mind & body, it carries ancient knowledge of cycles, patterns, positive & negative energies. remember to heed your own, to acknowledge the body's intellect, and to choose the words & deeds that carry you down the path that you most wish to walk. to keep in touch with this aspect of life, rediscover the power of prayer in all of its varied forms. another great way to tune in to this guiding voice is through dream journaling. your dreams & intuition are both rooted in your subconscious. if you write down your dreams, your intuition will know that you are listening, and begin to speak to you more clearly. 

this also means connecting with feminine, yin, energy. embracing the intuitive, the subtle, the mysterious. spending time in nature & nurturing the creative process and other natural cycles. being fully present in the moment & making time for rest & stillness. and it also means building boundaries to keep this vital sanctuary flourishing. our outward energy depends on our inward energy, so make sure you take care of your yin so that your yang, your action & output, will carry pure & positive ripples. 

connect consciously with your environment. 

be conscious of the way that you exchange energy with others. be conscious of the things & people that you support with your energy. connect consciously with your daily habits, your space, your loved ones, your community, your food, your body, & your things. 

a few examples of what this might look like: cooking & eating at home, using fresh organic, local ingredients & inspiring, nourishing recipes. making time every day to connect with the people that you care about. choosing to purchase things from sustainable companies, artists, & heart-centered entrepreneurs. for a little bit more on conscious shopping, check out this blog post on the wardrobe revolution

I write these resolutions as affirmations, rather than desires or "I want to's," in order to draw on the vibrational power of manifestation. think, say, do! affirmations are also easier to stick to than resolutions. they feel empowering and move toward the positive instead of avoiding the negative. I encourage you to use this model with your own resolutions. and remember, it's okay to make mistakes. we're all human! the point of saying or writing down affirmations for the new year is not about guilt, it's about inspiration. choose language that is kind & motivates you toward the good stuff. some stones that can help you stick-to-it & honor your resolutions are red coral, pyrite, vanadinite, & agates, and you can find them all in the shop!