wood + oil x tsii + durga

= aroma + crystal therapy


wood + oil is a collaboration of elements by tsiimade and radiant heart apothecary's rachel lyn durga. the maha rose aroma and rose quartz crystal promote balancing for feminine energies, soothing for the nervous system, and strong yet sweet connections to the heart. 

all crystals have undergone a mindful process of clearing and charging through vedic rituals under new and full moon energy to add a boost from our powerful universe to the current healing journey of the owner. 

you can find wood + oil exclusively in the tsiimade shop, and refills of your maha rose aroma at radiant heart apothecary. stay tuned for more collaborations like this one!


maha rose necklace: guitar string, beechwood, rose quartz, rose absolute, hungarian sweet fennel, haitian vetiver