fire & water collections: hearth lookbook



in traditional chinese medicine, the fire element has its roots in the heart. governing blood & circulation, fire is the element of passion & compassion. fire is what fuels our ability both to give and to receive love. 


fire is also visible in joy & laughter, so making time for fun is a great way to balance your fire. 


balanced fire is warm. it glows & beckons.the fire element  is mature & knows its own boundaries. 

balanced fire is social, creative, & full of energetic spark. 

following your heart & moving your body fuel your fire element. the fire collection bass guitar string necklaces feature fire element stones,  vanadinite & stilbite, to help you balance your fire. 


the water element in traditional chinese medicine resides in the kidney, from where it determines our will power & direction. water gives us the strength & courage to face our fears. 

water is the element of winter, focusing on quiet, introspection, and internal work. water knows when to act and when to rest.


to balance your water element, stay warm & cozy and give your body the nourishment & rest that it needs. 

DSC_6297 smaller.jpeg

water is fluid & centered, gathering strength from stillness. the water collection bass guitar string necklaces feature apophyllite & kyanite, two water element stones, to help you balance your water. 


photos by sarah dovolos of the white jackalope