wardrobe revolution: minimize to maximize

if you've heard the minimalism buzz, you're probably already aware that less really is more. & if you've heard the word on sustainable fashion, you're probably on to the fact that clothes aren't just... clothes. 

but what does that mean for your wardrobe? 

wardrobe revolution means letting go of anything that feels heavy, that doesn't excite you, that hangs in your closet collecting dust. 

wardrobe revolution means changing how you shop, being aware of who made your clothes, whether they used environmentally friendly practices & factories and workshops that support real people & communities. 

a great one-stop shopping option for both of these key shifts is thrift shops. you can drop off everything you need to let go of (and sometimes get paid for your pieces), & be assured that your shopping isn't harming the environment. even better, a lot of thrift shops are nonprofit & support charities. 

so how do you know when to let go?

you're ready to let go of something as soon as it no longer inspires you. if you notice there are certain things in your closet that you never reach for, and it's not because you're saving them for a special occasion, then you're probably ready to let them go. a lot of times we hold onto things because they remind us of someone that we used to be. but your wardrobe should always focus on who you want to be now. a lot of this can have to do with color & hue. you might be ready to let go of or take in pieces of a certain color depending on which of your chakras are in need of alignment. for a quick intro to colors & their vibrations, check out our hue color guide

don't be afraid to let go & keep letting go—you'll notice that as you start to purge your wardrobe, more & more pieces will jump out as unnecessary. all of this letting go makes room for the things that you want to bring into your life. new inspiration, new ways of expressing yourself, new hues & styles. the more room you make, the more you can grow!

a note on quality: as you cleanse your closet, you'll find that fast fashion pieces are some of the first to go. the more care & love that was put into your garmentthe "slower" the fashionthe longer it will look & feel amazing. 

why does where your clothes & accessories come from matter? 

in the same way that you might prefer to buy organic eggs laid by free-range chickens raised without antibiotics or GMOs, rather than caged chickens without access even to sunlight, the past life of your clothes & accessories matters, too. every piece in your wardrobe carries the energetic vibrations of the hands that it passed through on its way to you, as well as the ethics of those involved in its creation. was it made in a factory that pollutes our planet & underpays its workers? or was it made with love by a local designer or a company that supports charities & is environmentally conscious? not only is it important to be aware of these factors because these vibrations will pass on to you when you wear the item, but because through your purchase you are supporting these harmful systems. 

there's no better time than now to start your own wardrobe revolution. 

there are so many amazing shops online that are ethically sound & transparent. search for sustainable fashion, eco-fashion, & anything made by small companies & crafters online. and then you won’t just look great, you’ll feel great too because you’ll be supporting companies that help sustain the earth and her people. the more we each shift our focus to minimalism & sustainable fashion, the more the collective emphasis will shift as well. 

here at tsii, we do our part by using recycled & repurposed materials whenever possible & pouring love & care into all of our handmade pieces. read more about our materials here. 

thanks for reading & happy wardrobe revolution.