silvia collection lookbook

I recently had the honor of meeting violinist silvia tarozzi while she was in california for a series of concerts & workshops with cellist deborah walker and composer pascale criton. (for a little more on their collaboration, check out this post.) the silvia collection features silvia's violin strings, shown here on actor & writer amelia kennedy in our block cloth shirts.

I loved working with silvia's strings. I had never worked with violin strings before, and enjoyed the elegant mix of delicacy & strength that they carry. to highlight the inherent beauty of the strings, I kept the silvia collection clear & simple, with root & throat chakra stones accenting the strings & sterling silver findings.  

amazonite earrings & necklace

amazonite calms & balances yin & yang energies. vibrating with the throat chakra, amazonite is a stone of truth & clarity, and stimulates creativity. 

red coral earrings & necklace

red coral energizes. it transmutes negatives into positives. a powerful stone of transformation, red coral vibrates with the root chakra. 

this is a small batch collection. there is only one of each piece available, & each is completely unique. to learn more about silvia & what she's up to right now, check out this interview.

15% of your silvia collection purchase goes directly back to silvia to support her music.