hue: a color guide

welcome to the tsii introductory guide to colors & hue, and how to use them to balance the energetics within yourself & your environment. 

use this guide when choosing jewelry from our hue collection. if a color or its attributes speaks to your heart, listen. your heart always knows what you need.

red: root chakra

red in feng shui holds strength, energy, fire, & happiness. it belongs to the fire element in traditional chinese medicine, and corresponds to the fame gua, which represents what you are known for in the world. 

red vibrates with the root chakra, connecting to safety and the earth element. this chakra oversees the body, our sense of grounding & foundation, trust, home, & stability. 

we see red in sunsets, roses, and our own blood, in things that are warm and full of life. it is also a strong color for romance. I like to wear red when I want to feel bold, empowered, and energized. red grabs our attention more than any other color. 

orange: sacral chakra

orange is a lucky color in feng shui, representing power, happiness, & social energy. orange also belongs to the fire element. 

orange vibrates with the sacral chakra, reflecting our creativity, sexuality, and emotions. the sacral chakra houses our movement, sensation, & desires and corresponds to the water element. 

things that are orange feel warm and lively, dense and juicy. when I wear orange I feel playful, active and energetic. we see orange in sunsets, flowers, & ripe citrus fruit. 

yellow: solar plexus chakra


yellow in feng shui symbolizes patience, loyalty, & intellect. yellow corresponds to the central bagua, the health gua, which oversees your health & all the other guas, and belongs to both the earth and fire elements, depending on the hue. 

yellow corresponds to the solar plexus chakra, relating to will power and intellect. connected to the fire element, the solar plexus chakra relates to transformation, activity, agency, and responsibility. 

we see yellow every day in the sun, one of the greatest symbols of power and independence and one of the keys to daily health & happiness. when I wear yellow, I find a sense of clarity, joy, & motivation. 

green: heart chakra

in feng shui, green symbolizes new beginnings, growth, and abundance. green belongs to the wood element, and the family gua, relating to your closest loved ones. 

green vibrates with the heart chakra, to love and compassion. the heart chakra corresponds to the air element and governs our relationships, sense of balance, & self-love. 

green is all over nature, in grass and trees and everything else that grows from the soil. green is a balancing color. when I wear green I feel connected to nature and her promise of rebirth and new life. 

light blue: throat chakra


in feng shui, blue symbolizes hope and new beginnings. it relates to the water element, and to the knowledge gua, which represents all learning & self-knowledge. 

light blue vibrates with the throat chakra and is host to creativity, expression, and communication. the throat chakra relates to the element of sound and houses all concepts of the voice.

the blue sea & sky inspire & calm us with their vast & powerful mystery. I like to wear blue for its sense of calm expansiveness. 

indigo: third eye chakra

indigo, a color that reaches anywhere from deep royal blue to purplish blue, does not appear as a hue separate from violet or blue in feng shui. I would interpret indigo similarly to blue (see above).

indigo resonates with the third eye chakra, with the light element. the third eye chakra is where we store our intuition, inner strength & wisdom. perception, memory, & dreams are all connected to the third eye chakra. 

we see deep indigo shades in the sea & sky as the sun goes behind the earth, and in berries, plants, and the natural dye that takes its name from this silky rich color. 

violet: crown chakra

in feng shui, violet connotes wisdom, as well as nobility and power. it corresponds with the wealth gua, home of abundance & prosperity in all aspects of your life.

violet vibrates with the crown chakra, home to universal spirituality and consciousness. relating to the element of thought, the crown chakra is where our beliefs & self-knowledge reside. 

violet is more rare in nature, appearing in flowers & in some foods, adding to its sense of rarity & wealth. when I wear purple I feel connected to the mysterious. 

white: aura chakra

in feng shui white relates strongly to the metal element and is commonly used to enhance creativity and connections with others. white also corresponds to the children & creativity gua, representing actual children or anything else that you create & care for. 

white vibrates with the aura chakra, which is the overall vibration before it passes through the color divisions of the other chakras, much like white like passing through a prism to create a rainbow. because of this, it vibrates with your soul, your life's purpose, your higher self, and your overall chi & energetics. 

white represents purity, spirituality, and clarity. we see white in colder climates -- there is hardly a more gentle & pure sight than a city or landscape completely coated in a layer of freshly fallen soft-white snow. I wear white for the feeling of a clean palate, simplicity, and open possibilities. 


if you liked reading about colors & their vibrational symbolism,

stay tuned for more in-depth explorations of each hue. you can apply these balancing concepts using anything that holds hue -- clothes, jewelry, interior decorating, even food! start seeking out those rainbows in every part of your life. 

thanks for reading, 

xo tsii

red & yellow by jim melcher
orange, light blue, indigo, purple, & white by elena stanton
green by sarah dovolos