summer of sixteen lookbook // introducing tsii cloth


this summer collection features the new tsii cloth block shirts. each shirt is handmade &completely unique, crafted with repurposed factory remnants. the block shirts are front-to-back reversible for you to play with mood &color with every wear.


pair your block shirt with a summer necklace. the clean cotton bands and classic guitar string lines, tassels and repurposed cloth hang soft and strong on the solids of the block shirts. to the beach, the patio, the cabin or the city, these looks can and will travel &support all of your summer inspirations. 


the summer of sixteen collection is available exclusively at spot spas in minneapolis. stop in &see where they might take you this summer.

photos by elena stanton. nails by diane at spot spa  NE. hair by klara at honeycomb. make up by gabbi at mac cosmetics.