raw patterns || winter collection

the raw patterns collection features raw stones and shells on bass string open triangles. each piece is one of a kind & each stone has different properties. the bass string elements are minimal, highlighting the characteristics of the stones. 

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amethyst is known for its healing and soothing properties, as well as for balance and transformation. this raw amethyst is in the shape of a scalene triangle, with three uneven sides. 





stilbite crystal

stilbite is a stone of peace, clarity, focus, & universal love. this pale pink stone's organic texture gives a sense of rawness to its tender nature. 








pyrite is a stone of protection. it also inspires creativity, intellect, and positivity. this is the heaviest stone in the collection, and its smooth surface is cool to the touch. 








ammonites are fossils of extinct invertebrates. they are symbols of transition and personal growth. ammonite brings structure and clarity. 








pyrite & quartz

this blended stone contains pyrite and quartz, giving it both the metallic look and weight of pyrite, and the lighter airiness of quartz. quartz is an amplifier, so here it enhances the natural qualities of the pyrite. 







vanadinite boosts creativity & action so is a great support for getting projects done. organization, energization, and a clear way through writer's block, artists!





the stones in the collection were rock-hounded by artist adam weiss. adam scours the country's hot springs, mines, and rock to find these beautiful raw stones. you can find the raw patterns collection in the shop. stay tuned for a lookbook with repurposed cloth winter block shirts coming soon.