texture & grey: travel inspiration

when you travel south in the winter you expect to see, as well as to get, some color. aside from our first and last days in the florida keys, however, each day of our trip was set in a scale of grey tones. the sky and the sea, which make up a large part of what you see on such a narrow group of islands, were a soft grey for most of the week.  even after a day in miami, where the graffiti and architecture play openly with bold hues, the only color that stuck in my mind was grey. 

the quarry walls at the state park across from where we stayed were also grey. the rich and varied texture of the bright and dark relief struck me as some of nature's most intriguing designs. some were coiled and brain-like, some like mazes, some full of dot-holes or sharp lines. these brilliant textures of fossilized coral show the natural past of the quarry. 

from the plane on the way home to our more wintery state, I saw some large-scale natural textures that were similarly beautiful to those of the limestone quarry. the motion of the ocean's waves and the lines and breaks in the snowy rivers carried on the grey song of nature's complexly simple textures. 

with upcoming collections and collaborations (stay tuned!) I am eager to explore this new inspiration, and to play with texture and grey tones.