heart of a collector

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I have always been a collector. not a collector of sets or series, but of any sort of little object with a little soul grown from its life with and before me. I am entirely sentimental. though I have gotten a lot better at letting things go, I still find such joy and richness in the hidden core of the things around me that I find it hard not to want to keep and take care of them, each one.

this certainly helped me in gathering enough treasures to begin making tsii creations -- boxes of bits of vintage jewelry collected from weekends at estate sales and drawers stuffed full of old guitar strings (why couldn't I throw even those away??) -- and it inspired me to capture the little souls of objects for others to enjoy in perhaps more practical ways. 

this is also why I adore custom orders, when the client has something that they have been saving but not really wearing or using. usually the object is an heirloom or something someone has given them. for this necklace that I designed for an amazing woman, teacher, and singer, ariella forstein, I began with the small wood pendant her mother had made in a jewelry class in high school. ariella told me her mother would love the additions, including the dove, which for her was a symbol of peace and the jewish people.

this week I made these two custom pieces for theresa stanton. the crystal was something her mother had around the house growing up, and though theresa held onto it for years after she passed, she had never worn it as jewelry. I kept the piece simple to keep the focus on the gem. the little pocket knife also needed a new, more lively home. I paired it with a dangling heart and a tiny bell from one of my bits-and-pieces boxes.

and so my compulsion to keep and collect little things, though sometimes a burden and fault, has found its own new purpose, too.