luck and the village

minneapolis and new york both have their fair share of thrift stores, and I have been a frequenter of many of them during my time in both cities. aside from friends, family and estate sales, thrift stores are where I get supplies for my jewelry, cards, etc. there is one thrift store in particular that I seem to have an undeniable connection with, and that I would argue is the best thrift joint, period. in high school I volunteered periodically at arc's vallue village in richfield, and when I moved back from brooklyn, they gave me a job. although I have since moved to other places of work, the village is still where I head when I need, well, practically anything. 

for instance, you may notice in the images above not just one pink with black polka dot karen scott t-shirt, but two. yes, two. I found the first at salvation army in the east village in ny, and it soon became my go-to for all casual looks -- a sort of soul-shirt. I was only a couple months into working at the village when I found the second. and while perhaps having two identical shirts is a bit excessive (although the first is xl and the second just l), for this shirt in particular, it seems a necessity -- so that I can be sure to have at least one of them for the rest of my life. 

there is a similar story behind these lamps. I found both bases and one of the lampshades at arc's, and then a few weeks later found the matching lampshade at an estate sale, completing the set. 

but it is not only things of the polka-dotted sort that call out to me from the village's ever-varied shelves. I found these purse/box/amazingwhatevers, believe it or not, all at arc's, with at least six months in between each find (and they are obviously a collection). (and I am obsessed). 

it really does seem to be the case that whenever I decide to go to the village, whether with something specific in mind or not, the village delivers. when I moved back to mn from ny and had only a couple close friends in town, I met two women, fellow arc-ers, who quickly became my friends and collaborators. 

the first time we hung out, we did a shoot with me, like this, in the pool at Sarah's mom's apartment (with garment and props made possible by arc's). since then we have done countless idea sharing/creating/exploring together. 

shoot 3 Collage.jpg

I truly am most thankful for arc's value village and all it has given me. if you haven't yet been, and like a good thrift, I would recommend that you venture their way. you never know what you may find.

all photos by Elena Stanton and Sarah Dovolos