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about tsii

tsii, pronounced "tsea," is the nickname of tsii's founder greta ruth. greta created tsii in order to share and explore the healing powers of hand crafts, the magic of objects and their renewal, and the little joys of life, as well as to put her own used guitar strings to good use. 

greta is a singer/songwriter, vocal empowerment coach, designer, & poet.

hear her music here.  

for more information on the origins of tsii, check out this Q&A with greta.



through a philosophy of rebirth & renewal, the tsii mission is to provide one of a kind handmade merch from intentionally repurposed & recycled materials. greta crafts each piece intuitively, with care & love. tsii promotes reuse, intentional living, self-expression, & wellness while giving back to the earth & its people. 

5% of all purchases goes to music education & other charities.  




tsii works with repurposed, recycled, & raw organic materials whenever possible.

tsii jewelry features the repurposed instrument strings of local & international musicians. sometimes we know who played the strings, and sometimes they come from anonymous sources. each piece features one-of-a-kind, raw, untreated stones or wood.

find out whose strings we're using. 

these materials have a history. they carry qualities & energies from their past lives. so before your tsii made piece reaches you, it undergoes a clearing & brightening process to heighten clarity & encourage wellbeing. this energetic process focuses on highlighting higher vibrations and opening resonance to the new owner. these clearings & brightenings are done by rachel lyn durga, intuitive healer & ayurvedic body worker, as well as through the love & care our founder greta ruth melcher puts into the entire tsii process. 

tsiimade pieces are repurposed with love & intention.